Nature is made up of the Sky, Earth, Human Beings, Living Creatures, Flora and Fauna. Human and all lives will not survive without the Sky and Earth as the Sky gives us sunlight, energy to grow and nurture all lives. The fruits and vegetables
that we eat are from the Earth.

The present of Sky and Earth, all living Creatures, Flora and Fauna will lose their purposes, if there is no Human beings. On the other hand, the world will be so lifeless, with only Human
beings and without Flora, Fauna and other living creatures.  Therefore, the Sky, Earth, Human, living creatures and all Flora and Fauna are very closely dependant on one another and they are all parts of Nature and part of the ecosystem.

functions as a big harmonized  family. The Sky and Earth are like our parents, all Human Beings(regardless of races, cultures and beliefs) and all Flora and Fauna, are siblings. The flying birds in the sky, the animals on the land, the fishes in
the water are our brothers and sisters. The trees, flowers and plants are all part of this harmonized family.

Today, we talk about life, its not just about human life. In fact, we have many brothers and sisters, and without
them, this world will lose its radiance and luster which make this world becomes Meaningless!

Without all these living creatures, our world will lose lots of radiance, luster, and beauty of nature.

By Respecting, Protecting, Loving and Glorifying all Lives, this world will be a beautiful world for everyone to live in and a harmonious world will come true.