The work of our association is to introduce values education through cultural activities, which will allow us to acquaint with appropriate life style.

It is hoped that ethical and healthy living will permit us to regain tranquility at heart, so as to intensify the inner state of harmony and joyfulness.

We can then extend this inner harmony to our family, society, country and eventually to the world. We hope that the Nature Loving Culture will help people to better understand the advancement of the modern world to live a meaningful and purposeful life.

The Principles

Respect the value of harmonious coexistence of beings based on three basic principles:

  • To LOVE all LIVES

Our Aims

  • Promote the Nature Loving Culture through leisure activities to reverse the negative elements in people such as apathy, extravagance and violence.
  • Encourage global cultural exchange through these crossed cultural activities with varied languages, music and dance.
  • Achieve strong multi-cultural links between local and international bodies to ensure a diversified livelihood is sustained.
  • Conduct cultural events to ensure proper valued judgment is adhered in order to assert positive changes in life.
  • Extend our love for nature, family, society and country through the understanding of the lyrics of the Nature Loving songs.