INLA (Singapore) JESP School Program is a program designed for schools children to promote life and values education among the students to instill the correct values of life and the correct views of life through art and cultural activities, such as Nature Joyful Exercise.

Nature Joyful Exercise is not a regular routine exercise. Nature joyful Exercise is a form of exercise to promote a healthy body and mind through lively, energetic music and meaningful song lyrics of the beauty of Nature and beauty of life.
Nature Joyful Exercise is a combination of lively, energetic songs and body movements to promote joyfulness and high spirits in youth, just like a sunshine that radiates the energy of life. Thus, we can free ourselves from being pessimistic towards life and despair.

When learning Nature Joyful Exercise, we are not just focusing on the dance, but the INLA Trainers will also teach and guide the children about “Protecting Life, Loving life and Glorifying Life ”. To Protect life is to understand the preciousness of life, the beauty of life, thus, we must appreciate and treasure our life and express them with beautiful actions that benefit ourselves, benefit others around us and also benefiting nature. To Love life is to fill our life with joy, thus, we give joy to ourselves, to others and to nature. To Glorify life is to celebrate life with giving help to others, giving support to others, giving tolerance to others and giving assistance to others.

We have beautiful and bright children and we can guide them by instilling correct values of life and correct views of life. Hence, they will not only excel in their education but also excel in their personality and morality. They will become future leaders of our nation and the world who will protect, love and glorify not just their own lives but also the lives of others. Thus, we will all live in a harmonious family, society, nation and world.