ND (Nature Dance)

The dance of nature is a dance of joy, dance of happiness, dance of Universal Family & dance of the conscience.

The Nature Dance is an expression of the beauty of mankind. It aims to demonstrate the real joy from the heart, and simultaneously present the harmony of Nature. This dance is not specified to jazz, cultural, modern, ballet or street dance. However, these dance elements can be integrated to portray the beauty of human spirit. Through the dance classes and workshops, participants are guided to connect with their true Self.

They will develop a greater sense of compassion, sympathy and understanding, and their relationships with people and the world will be more embracing and caring, providing a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. The lyrics of the song will guide their dance movements to illustrate the spirit of the conscience. As the dancers pull themselves away from the messy confusions of life to focus on their inner emotions and movements, their pure and innocent energy surfaces and stress is released in a healthy manner. As they work together they become more peaceful with themselves, sustaining a joyful spirit. Therefore, this dance program serves as a process of Self-enlightenment, which is a wonderful spiritual experience for all.

The four Distinctive Features of our Nature Dance

The team spirit of the Dancers, with one united heart and one mind for the success of the overall nature dance.

With dynamic energy, the performers danced to the rhythm of the nature song.

Through the neatness & uniformity of the team, thereby revealing the elegances and one’s own natural inner beauty.

Dancing to the atmosphere of joy, not only infecting the dancers themselves, and also infecting the audience around. This is the joy of conscience resonance

As we sing, dance, and exercise, our spirits, minds, and bodies become healthier and more content. Our differences are embraced with love and with the same affection that Mother Nature bestows upon us. Let us give our unreserved love to Mother Nature and to all beings of the world.