NS (Nature Song)

Nature song is the song of nature, song of conscience, song of love, song of selflessness, joy, peace & tranquility.
Be Inspired & be nurtured by the lyrics and harmonized with the rhythm of nature.

Through the lyrics of nature songs, we learn the importance of sharing love and joy; We learn how fortunate we are to be embraced by the gift of love from Mother Nature; breathing the love of life, enjoying the gentle breeze of nature & refreshing water & juicy fruits from the earth, ripples on the lake, raindrops on the long grass all glisten in light, dancing on the tree tops are leaves in the wind, birds singing in harmony, animals dancing with joy, fishes swimming with delights, flora springs in the light, fauna roams with delights. We share the same blue sky, same brilliant sunlight/ moonlight and also the air that we all breathed in. These are the gift of love from Mother Nature. We are dependable on each life form to create a balance & complete ecosystem.

As we sing, dance, and exercise, our spirits, minds, and bodies become healthier and more content. Our differences are embraced with love and with the same affection that Mother Nature bestows upon us. Let us give our unreserved love to Mother Nature and to all beings of the world.